How to choose LED floodlight
The price of the led floodlight depends on the quality, the quality depends on the heat dissipation and the influence on the heat dissipation in the basic parts such as LED Chips, Power supply and shell.
How to choose LED floodlight
Choosing constant current power supply
In the market, the power supply of floodlights can be divided into constant current drive and linear drive. The cost of constant current power supply is much higher than that of linear power supply.
Why choose constant current drive?
According to the V/A characteristic of the LED chip, the slight change of the input voltage of the power supply will increase the current flowing through the LED chip, which will lead to the increase of the temperature.
In order to prevent the temperature rise caused by power supply, constant current drive is the best solution. In order to keep the current flowing through the LED unchanged, so as to ensure the life and light decay of the LED beads.
Choosing high performance aluminum shell
The shell is composed of radiator, glass cover, reflector and aluminium substrate. The heat dissipation performance of the projection lamp will affect the attenuation of the projection lamp.
The basic requirements of choosing shells are as follows: die-casting with all-aluminium materials and special treatment technology should be applied to the surface, which is resistant to humidity, heat, salt spray, acid-alkali corrosion, waterproof and dust-proof. In addition, the best shell should be selected according to the overall structure of the light source and the heat dissipation characteristics.
Struction of LED Floodlight Shell
Struction of LED Floodlight Shell
Heat radiation curve of 60W LED Floodlight
Heat radiation curve