Features of LED Flood Light


Bridge Night scape lighting, gas station and the parking lot lighting, landscape lighting, fountain lighting, stage lighting, billboards light, advertising board lighting, greenery landscape lighting, tunnel lighting; hotel , facilities a culture lamp lighting and other specialized facilities, lighting, bar, stage and other entertainment venues atmosphere lighting.

Energy efficient

In the same brightness, it can save 90% electricity compared with common filament lamp.

Long lifespan

Theoretically, the lifespan can reach more than 50000H while the lifespan of filament lamp is more than 3000H.

Healthy light

No (UV IR) radiation, no pollution and no radiation.

Green and environment protection

No Hg and other heavy metal in high power LED, recyclable, no pollution and electromagnetic interference.

Eyes protecting

It adopts the isolated low-voltage constant current driver, no flash while the common lamps all use DC driver which will inevitably strobe and do harm to the eyes.

High luminous efficiency

small heat 90% electric energy of LED light can transfer into visible light while the common filament lamp only transfer 20% with 80% transferring to heat energy.

Highly secure

The voltage and current is small, small radiation , do not have potential safety hazard. It can be used in mine field and other danger places.

Wide application

Easy to install and low maintenance cost.