Round LED High Bay Light (UFO LED High Bay)

Round LED High Bay fixtures also called UFO LED high bays, are ideal for replacing legacy HID high bay lights, offering high performance and long life. The mounting method of round led high bay lights is similar to legacy HID fixtures, so it's easy to install in retrofit applications.

LED high bay light has the great advantages over the traditional fluorescent or metal halide high bays, such as directional light beam, low power consumption, high response speeds, anti-seismic, long life span and environmental protection.

Core Features of UFO LED High Bay Light

  • Die cast aluminum with static plastic spraying process
  • Built-in WM HBG Constant Current Mode LED Driver
  • Reliable performance with stronge thermal controller
  • Total harmonic distortion(THD)<20%
  • Color rendering index 80 / Efficacy rating of 130 lm/W
LED High Bay Light
LED High Bay Light Manufacturer
Intensity Distribution

Excellent optical design

Light intensity distribution measurement is necessary, round led high bay light uses the CIE-127 standard B-β test method.

The measured data can correctly evaluate to our led high bay light meets the lighting design requirements.

These key parameters are important to our customers, such as light efficiency, total luminous flux, luminous intensity distribution, power, light beam symmetry, max light intensity, max light beam angle and glare levels.

It's also necessary for lighting design.

LED High Bay Light Driver

Constant Voltage and Current LED Driver

In order to be safe and reliable, we use WM HBG series driver to make LED high bay lights more reliable in quality and better in performance.

  • Constant Voltage and Current mode output
  • Circular metal housing with class I design
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • Typical lifetime > 50,000 hours

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Thermal management (Heat sink)

LED high bay light is usually installed in workshop and warehouse. Long time accumulation of dust, high temperature, low temperature and erosion become potential destructive factors for lifespan of LED high bay light.

We have adopted die cast aluminum housing material with heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant surface treatment and heat sink with dustproof design.

An excellent thermal design affects the lifespan of the led high bay light. It should meet three requirements: the high heat absorption, the least thermal resistance and maximum heat transfer.

Thermal Management
80W-250W UFO LED High Bay Light

UFO LED high bay light is designed to replace metal halide and high pressure sodium bulb high bays. UFO high bay led light features a IP65/IP67 rated die-cast aluminium body for an enduring build-quality suited to industrial environments.

It's ideal for pendant mounting with a hook in factories, warehouses and sports arenas.

Typical Specifications
  • Rated Power


  • Input Voltage

    90-295V 47-63Hz AC

  • Power Factor


  • Operating Humidity

    10%-90% RH

  • Operating Temperature (Ta)


  • Light Source

    SMD LED with Lens

  • Luminous Efficiency


  • CCT

    2700-3500K / 4000-4500 / 6000-6500K

  • CRI


  • Light Beam Angle

    60 / 90 / 120 Degrees

  • Lifespan

    25,000 Hours

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Benefits of LED High Bay Light Luminaires

To save 70% energy costs

LED high bay lights with 130 lumens per watt luminous efficiency provide brighter than traditional lights, can save more than 70% on energy costs.

Low maintenance cost

Good heat dissipation structurtion, high quality LED chips, power driver with over-voltage & current and leakage protection to make better stability and safety.

Easy to install

LED high bay light with preinstalled fixture hook and suspension chain allows for easy installation, also supports installation with U-Shape rotating bracket.