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Samples Available
Samples will be sent if needed. For new clients, the shipping fees and sample fees are not covered. For old clients, shipping fees and sample fees can be redeemed regarding respective annual transaction amount.
Order Process
You will obtain a personalized quotation based on the spec details of led floodlight.
  • Confirmed specification, quantity and quotation
  • Desgin and make samples
  • Sample confirmation
  • Mass produce
  • Test and Aging
  • Packaging and Shipment
Neutral packing, Custom packaging carton
Logo or letters printing on the surface
If it is necessary, we accept the Laser print.
Delivery Time
20-30 days. It is easy for us to delivery the goods within 20-30 days around to any place, where you are by sea or air from Shanghai or Ningbo.
Difference of LED Chips
SMD stands for Surface Mounted Diode. This is the LED diode/chip that is fixed to the flat surface of the LED floodlight.
COB means Chips On Board. This is a new generation of LED lighting, multiple LED chips are packaged together forming a single light module. Learn more ...
SMD LED Chip PCBSMD LED Chip Floodlight
Choosing the right Color Temperature
Light color is measured on a temperature scale referred to as Kelvin (K).
Amber Light (2200K-2500K) / Soft White (2700K) / Warm White (3000K) / Cool White (3500K-4100K) / Daylight (5000K-6500K)
2700K-4500K CCT5000K-7500K CCT
Define the lifespan of LED lighting fixture
The LM-80-08 manual mentions two different standards used in the lighting filed.
The lumens of the light fixture is less than 70% of the original, not suitable for continued use. The lumens are less than 50% of the original, not suitable for no longer use.
The standard (L70) is mainly used for general lighting LED lamps. This LED life standards were developed by the Center for Solid State Lighting Systems and Technology Alliance (ASSIST) of the Lighting Research Center.
IP Ratings Explained
The IP rating is a two-digit number, the first digit indicates how protected the light is against the ingress of solid objects, while the second tells you how waterproof it is. The higher the numbers, the more protected it is.
IP rating of 65 is recommended for any led floodlight that will be used in wet areas.
Test report and IES file support
We support IES format file that is based on LM79 measurement standard. IES IESNA: LM-63-2001 or IESNA: LM-63-1995
LED Floodlight Goniometric Test ReportIES format file
User-friendly installation
Wall / Pedestal / Ceiling
Pedestal MountingWall MountingCeiling Mounting
Where are Shinpol's products made?
Made in Ningbo, China, please refer to our Contact Us webpage.
We are a led flood light manufacturer. In fact, we have specialized in LED Flood Lights field since 2011. After 8 years develoment, we have rich raw material suppliers in China. Many brand buyers had a good cooperation with us, involved in lighting wholesalers, lighting project contractors and supermarket retailers.