Focus on LED Flood Lights

Almost all of the LED flood lights are assembled with similar materials, similar specifications and advantages. If you are looking for a reasonable price based on the above average quality.

"Congratulations to you! Shinpol is a China LED Flood Light Manufacturer."

In order to solve the heat dissipation, have been increased the thickness of 0.4-0.6mm aluminum substrate. Using 1.4mm and 1.6mm thickness, stable LED chips and highly stable IC power driver or independent isolated power supply.

In the safety, our products have been passed the 1500V and higher withstand voltage levels test.

Based on Reliable Features

Ability of designing
Light distribution designing
For each design of a led flood light, we will repeat the adjustment of the Light Beam Angle, Consistency of brightness by each LED chip and Symmetry of light emission.
Reliable raw material
Reliable raw materials
It adopts the isolated low-voltage constant current driver, no flash while the common lamps all use DC driver which will inevitably strobe and do harm to the eyes.
Quality and stability
Quality and stability
We take each step seriously, such as Quotation, Desgin and create samples, Sample confirmation, Production, Packaging and Shipping and After services etc.

Commercial LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Light Fixtures can more than enough to replace 70-1000W traditional lamp, energy and maintenance savings up to 80%.

  • Replace Metal Halide and Halogen Flood Lighting
  • HPS / Metal HalideLED Flood LightLumens
  • 70 Watt15W - 20W2,000lm
  • 100 Watt30W3,000lm
  • 150 Watt50W5,000lm
  • 250 Watt70W - 100W10,000-12,000lm
  • 400 Watt100W - 150W15,000-25,000lm
  • 1000 Watt150W - 200W40,000-50,000lm

We Are LED Flood Lights Manufacturer

Shinpol Optics is a supplier and manufacturer of LED flood lighting, specializing in lowering energy costs while improving lighting performance for commercial and industrial lighting system which was founded on 2011, over 7 years experience of manufacturing.

We have been dedicated to creating a better quality, eco-friendly, efficient lighting environment through diverse businesses of LED residential lighting and commercial lighting.

We are focused on offering the reasonable and available LED flood lights to your needs.

  • 20-30 Days

    Delivery date

  • Yes

    Do OEM/ODM

  • 1200-1500 PCS

    Normal daily production

  • Appr. 0.02%

    Estimated % of defect.

Certifications Guarantee

Available to meet your market standard

  • CE Certifications
  • UL Certifications
  • FCC Certifications
  • ETL Certifications

Everything can be simplified

Tell us your LED flood lights requirements, our technical team will solve the product problems for you.

Willing to become your the best LED flood lights manufacturer

  • We are led flood lights manufacturer, over 7 years experience of manufacturing.
  • We have the reliable high-quality materials partners.
  • We offer you with excellent LED Flood Lights, reasonable price and excellent service.
  • We are doing cost-effective OEM/ODM for retailers and brand owners.
  • All of LED flood lights will be delivered within two weeks.
LED Flood Lights Supplier

Benefits of Choosing Us

Favorable Price

Up to 10% lower raw material costs contributed by bulk order needs and long term supplying partners, make it possible for lower price to you.

Reliable Quality

Design team with over 7 years of led floodlight design experience is based on truly understanding of the market, the users and the manufacturing.

Delivery Time

20-30 days. It is easy for us to delivery the goods within 20-30 days around to any place, where you are by sea or air from Shanghai or Ningbo.

How-to Guides

Linear IC driver – Mainstream design

Linear IC driver – Mainstream design

The LED driver power supply is a power converter that can converts AC to a specific DC voltage and current to drive the LED sources. It can be divided into isolated and non-isolated power supplies...

Features of LED Flood Light

Features of LED Flood Light

Has energy-efficient, long lifespan, No (UV IR) radiation, no pollution, no radiation, No Hg and other heavy metal, recyclable, no pollution and electromagnetic interference features. It adopts the...

How to choose LED floodlight

How to choose LED floodlight

The price of the led floodlight depends on the quality, the quality depends on the heat dissipation and the influence on the heat dissipation in the basic parts such as LED Chips, Power supply and...