Based on Reliable Features

High quality light distribution designing

High quality light distribution designing

For each design of a led flood light, we will repeat the adjustment of the Light Beam Angle, Consistency of brightness by each LED chip and Symmetry of light emission.

High flux output but not dazzling

Reliable raw material supply

It adopts the isolated low-voltage constant current driver, no flash while the common lamps all use DC driver which will inevitably strobe and do harm to the eyes.

Quality and stability

Quality and stability

We take each step seriously, such as Quotation, Desgin and create samples, Sample confirmation, Production, Packaging and Shipping and After services etc.

We Are Manufacturer

Shinpol Optics is a supplier and manufacturer of LED flood lighting, specializing in lowering energy costs while improving lighting performance for commercial and industrial lighting system which was founded on 2011, over 7 years experience of manufacturing.

We have been dedicated to creating a better quality, eco-friendly, efficient lighting environment through diverse businesses of LED residential lighting and commercial lighting.

We are focused on offering you the reasonable and available LED Flood Lighting solution to your needs.

LED Flood Lights Manufacturer

How-to Guides

How to choose LED floodlight

How to choose LED floodlight

The price of the led floodlight depends on the quality, the quality depends on the heat dissipation and the influence on the heat dissipation in the basic parts such as LED Chips, Power supply and she...

Difference of COB and SMD packaging

Difference of COB and SMD packaging

Currently, LED floodlights use COB and SMD packaged by mainstream led light source. The difference between COB and SMD lies in heat dissipation, luminous efficiency and dazzle....

Features of LED Flood Light

Features of LED Flood Light

Has energy-efficient, long lifespan, No (UV IR) radiation, no pollution, no radiation, No Hg and other heavy metal, recyclable, no pollution and electromagnetic interference features. It adopts the i...

You Need Help?

Sample supportable

Samples will be sent if needed. For new clients, the shipping fees and sample fees are not covered. For old clients, shipping fees and sample fees can be redeemed.

IES files

We support IES format file that is based on LM79 measurement standard. IES IESNA: LM-63-2001 or IESNA: LM-63-1995

Delivery Time

7-30 days. It is easy for us to delivery the goods within 7-30 days around to any place, where you are by sea or air from Shanghai or Ningbo.

Color Temperature

Amber Light (2200K-2500K), Soft White (2700K), Warm White (3000K), Cool White (3500K-4100K), Daylight (5000K-6500K)

IP Ratings

The IP rating is a two-digit number, the first digit indicates how protected the light is against the ingress of solid objects, while the second tells you how waterproof it is.

Define the lifespan

The lumens of the light fixture is less than 70% of the original, not suitable for continued use. Less than 50% of the original, not suitable for no longer use.

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